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What happens in case of phishing?

In case of phishing, that is to say a phishing consisting of recovering the bank identifiers, it is possible to be reimbursed by the bank . Indeed, all the purchases made as well as the sums spent can be recovered by the customer. If the bank can not prove that its client was negligent in communicating for example its bank details , it will have no other way than to re-credit the money stolen from the account. In addition, if she sends a PIN to confirm payment to an unusual address, she is held responsible for phishing. The Monetary and Financial Code requires him to check the security of a payment instrument so that it is not accessible by anyone other than the customer. According to a recent judgment of the Court of Cassation, the customer can not be held solely responsible if a third party used his bank data , the bank being obliged to secure transactions as much as possible.

Precautions to take

It is particularly recommended to always check the origin of a mail asking to fill in the bank details . Whether on the part of the bank itself, a tax office or a telephone company, you should never divulge your bank account details in an e-mail. Phishing is a real usurpation of identity and fraudulent use of the means of payment, the customer can find himself in a very complicated situation. Its responsibility is then engaged and it is not always the bank which assumes the consequences of the fraud.

Ensuring good account management helps keep finances balanced. Too many credits can disrupt the monthly budget, so grouping is a good option. This is a financial transaction that consists of subscribing to a single interest rate credit that combines old outstanding loans . The repayment period is longer and the cost is higher, but the monthly payment is reduced.

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