To take advantage of the most interesting rates and convince banking entities, do not hesitate to play with his profile that may be ideal. Highlighting the qualities of a borrower is a real bargaining power, given the potential for profitability that the desired profile can become for a bank. An assessment at

Profile, a bargaining argument

With a view to controlling risk, banks have tightened borrowing conditions for the acquisition of real estate. The guarantees requested are numerous and binding depending on the situation of each. This is why banks are looking for ideal profiles to maximize profitability during the sustainability of the relationship through the sale of various intermediation products. These profiles are real pools for the GNP (corresponds to the difference between the products and the operating expenses of a bank) of the banking establishments. Credit applicants who fit into this typology of clients have more than an interest in highlighting their “ideal” borrower assets to negotiate the mortgage loan for their benefit.

What is the ideal profile?

The borrower so sought after by the banks is primarily a young worker who is in the 25-35 age bracket. He is in a relationship ideally with someone whose situation is more or less similar. The professional career is full of potential and the incomes are relatively comfortable. On the health side, being a non-smoker is a not insignificant vis-à-vis the insurance-borrower, just like the practice of a physical activity. The insurance is however extremely friable in case of extreme sport practice.

In addition to a good monthly financial income, the fact of owning assets, whether real estate or furniture or both, is an essential factor that can help to put pressure on the proposed rates and to relax certain conditions. The contribution via a valued capital on savings products is essential in the negotiation. Maximizing it provides concrete guarantees to the lender while lowering the total capital needed to borrow.

How to enjoy certain benefits?

Although it is difficult to provide such a profile, some criteria may be beneficial for a loan application. And we must also seize certain opportunities as ephemeral offers on rates to save a few thousand euros on the total amount. Commercial deals are to be seized, but do not hesitate to inquire about the possible benefits granted by the State. The PTZ is for example a credit that allows to finance part of the property at zero rate, subject to eligibility.

Finally, an effective search for a credit insurance is also a great way to save several thousand euros. With an ideal profile and good health, it is quite possible to have a monthly contribution at a competitive price by opting for loan insurance delegation.



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