What profiles are sought for home loans?

To take advantage of the most interesting rates and convince banking entities, do not hesitate to play with his profile that may be ideal. Highlighting the qualities of a borrower is a real bargaining power, given the potential for profitability that the desired profile can become for a bank. An assessment at http://winwinlose.net/forex-trading-traps-how-you-can-avoid-these-four-top-frauds-in-currency-trading/ Profile, a […]

Renegotiating real estate loans or loan consolidation: Make the right choice!

With the fall in mortgage rates, we talk a lot about the opportunity to renegotiate its mortgage, provided that there is usually a differential of 1 to 2 points depending on the case. There is less talk of loan consolidation especially when you have another loan beside the mortgage. Without wanting to oppose these two […]

How to make a bank grant us a difficult loan.

When we are dealing with difficult credit We talk about difficult credit when there are difficulties in obtaining it. There may be different reasons for this. Most often, however, we encounter the concept of difficult credit when we repay earlier obligations late, we have a difficult financial situation, we have many other obligations or our […]